Oklahoma Gin is a close relative of Gin Rummy.

Players: 2

Equipment: a single deck of playing cards.


Face cards have a value at 10 points, number of cards have a value at face value and aces have a value at 1 point.


Collect sets (3 or 4 cards of the same rank or 3 or more of these consecutive cards of the same suit) to earn points. The game is played over some rounds.

Setup: Pick a dealer to chance to deal the first round: from start to finish the game, the winner of all rounds to deal next.

Shuffle the deck and deal these 10 cards to each player. Players need to look at them and arrange their cards.

The next card needs to turn the upcard in the center of the table to begin the discard pile. This card is very signal it ends the highest number of points a player must have remaining in one's hand after the player knocks (see Knocking below). For example: after it's a face card or 10, a player need to knock with 10 points or less.

After it's a 6, a player need to knock with 6 points or less.

The remaining cards are placed face down is next to the discard pile to make a draw pile.

Playing (Oklahoma Gin):

1. Just take this card, either need to be the top card from the draw pile or the top card from the discard pile.

2. Just take that face up card into the discard pile.

Note: On the first turn of all rounds, the non-dealer wants the first upcard or not. After the non-dealer refuse, the dealer needs to take the top card from the draw pile. After one of the players take the card, this player to end one's turn and the other player needs to play next. After 2 players refuse to take that upcard, the non-dealer needs to begin the game.

Knocking in (Oklahoma Gin):

The round is over and after the player knocks needs to be done on any turn or the first turn and after drawing and before discarding. A player needs to knock after the player has the fit to make sets, discard that downcard and have an fit number of points remaining in one's hand (see Setup above).

After knocking and discarding, the player needs to arrange and spread by all of one's cards are as faceup on the table.

The player wouldn't knock does the same. After the knocker won't go gin (see Going Ginbelow), one's opponent is allowed to lay off with unmelded cards by totaling to the knocker's sets (for example: adding a 4th card to a group of 3 of a kind or add by any additional consecutive cards of the same suit to a sequence).

Note: You wouldn't knock. Just continue playing in an trail to make a better hand.

Scoring in (Oklahoma Gin):

Each player needs to add the value of their unmelded cards. After the knocker's count is lower, the player to score the difference of between the 2 counts.

After the knocker will not go gin, and the values are the same -- or the knocker's value is bigger than one's opponent -- the knocker has been undercut. The knocker's opponent to get a score of 10 point bonus and the difference of between the values.

Going Gin:

After the knocker without unmelded cards, it's known as going gin and the knocker must score a 25 point bonus (some causes to say the bonus must be 20 points). Additionally: one's opponent will not score any points with collected meld cards.


After both of these cards left remaining in the draw pile, a player must discard and nobody knocked: the round is over in a draw. The same player needs to deal again.

Winning in (Oklahoma Gin):

Additional rounds are played before only one player to add up the score and reach a score of 100 points or more. The player is the winner.

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