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War for two players Edit

In the basic game, there are two of these players and use a single 52-card deck. Card ranks are (LOW) 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A (HIGH): suits are ignored in this game.

Deal out by all the cards, so each player has 26 cards. Players are not suppose to look at their cards, but to keep them in a packet of facedown. The object is to win by all the cards.

Both of these players are now turn their top card as faceup and put them on the table. Whoever turned the highest card, take by both of these cards and add them (face down) to the bottom of the player's packet. Then both of these players need to turn up their next card and so on.

After the turned up cards are the same, there's a war. The tied cards need to stay on the table and both of these players need to play the next card of their pile as facedown and then another faceup card. Whoever has the highest of the new faceup card to win, and add by all of these 6 cards as facedown cards to the same as well, the war needs to continue: (each player needs to put another facedown card and faceup card. The war goes on like this as long as the faceup cards to continue to be the same. As soon as they're other player of the highest card to win by all the cards in the war).

The game needs to continue before only 1 player has all the cards and wins. This can take a long time.

All narrations of war are not clear about what happens after a player runs out of cards during a war. There are 2 occasions:

1. After you don't have enough cards to finished the war, you lose. After neither player has enough cards the one who runs out is the first to lose. After both runs out the same, it's a draw. For example: Players 1 & 2 need to play sevens, there's a war. Each player needs to play a card as facedown, this is Player 2's final card. Player 1 is the winner, but Player 2 does not have enough cards to fight the war.

2. After you run out of cards while playing a war, playing a war, your final card is turned faceup and is used for each battle in that war. After this happens to both of these players in a war and their final cards are the same, the game is a draw. For example: Players 1 & 2 need to (play sevens), there's a (war). (Player 1 needs to play a 2nd card as facedown), but (Player 2 has 1 facedown card is to play last, so it must be played faceup. It's a queen). (Player 1 needs to play a 3rd card as faceup and it's also a queen), so the war needs to continue. (Player 2's queen needs to stay Player 2's final card) while (Player 1 needs to play a 4th card as facedown and a 5th faceup card - which is a nine). (Player 2 is to win the war and take by all of these 7 cards [the 5 cards was Player 1 played and both cards was Player 2 was played] and the game needs to continue.

War for three or four players Edit

War needs also to be play with 3 or 4 players in such the same way. Deal out as many as possible of the cards so that everyone has the same number (17 cards for 3 players & 13 cards for 4 players).

Each player are done as turn over a card and the highest to win by all the cards turned up. After 2 or more than 2 players are tie for the highest, there's a war: everyone play their next card as facedown and turn up a third card. This continues before one of the faceup cards is higher than the others, and then the player will win by all the cards in a war.

The players ought to take that part in a war, not ones who had the highest cards.

A player who run out of cards to drop out, the game needs to continue before only 1 player has cards and that player is the winner.

Rules of variations in (War) Edit

  • Play three of these facedown cards in a war, not one. After the same cards are turned up, the players need to play these three facedown cards from their pile and sometimes saying (W-A-R) and turn up the next card to decide to which player will win by all of the 10 cards. Say (I-de-clare-war) with the word war said as the new faceup card was played.
  • Add by both of these jokers to the deck, they count as the highest cards, aces are above. The jokers are very strong, some select to make sure that the both are not given to one player, cut them from the deck before cutting it between the players and cover by one joker in each player's stack of cards.

'War' Players Edit

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